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January 7, 2022


CAN Sedona, Arizona limit short term rentals?

There are only two ways that laws can change, which would limit STR's in Sedona. 1) Arizona changes the law. 2) On the federal level, a law is passed that changes this. Federal supercedes state. State supercedes local (city/county). For now, only HOA's can determine the length of rental stays. Reach out me to get info on how to "lock in" your STR, once you have it up and running, to protect yourself...


New Sedona Short Term Rental requirement you have to know about

There's a new Sedona short-term rental requirement that you have to know about if you're serious about any short-term rentals, as it will heavily impact your potential cash flow. If you're already a client, then you likely already know that permitted short-term rental garage conversions are where it's at. It's one of the best ways to boost your cash flow and in some cases push cash flow to over...

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