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Important Update! 2022 Arizona bills that impact Sedona Short Term Rentals (STR’s)

Recently Arizona bills have passed in the house, that impact Sedona's short-term rentals. These...
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Top 3 Sedona Seller Mistakes

The top three seller mistakes we experience in Sedona: 1. Keeping your own furniture and all of...
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Top 3 Sedona Buyer Mistakes

1) The first and most common Sedona buyer mistakes is waiting for the market to crash before you...
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What Sedona Sellers Need to Know

Just because we're in a strong seller's market does not mean that you get your cake, eat it too,...
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What Sedona Buyers Need To Know

The Sedona market is a very hot seller's market, and this is due to huge cash flow opportunities,...
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Sedona Short Term Rentals 2022

What's going to happen with Sedona short-term rentals in 2022? Here is the forecast- And this is...
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Sedona short term rental (STR) cash flow numbers

Have you been on the fence about investing in Sedona with short-term routes? The following are...
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New Sedona luxury real estate challenges

If you're selling luxury real estate, (The top 5-10% of properties in Sedona), the good news is...
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CAN Sedona, Arizona limit short term rentals?

There are only two ways that laws can change, which would limit STR's in Sedona. 1) Arizona changes...
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