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January 26, 2022


Sedona Short Term Rentals 2022

What's going to happen with Sedona short-term rentals in 2022? Here is the forecast- And this is all based on what happened in 2021 & 2020, as well as expected market and economic changes this year, including raised interest rates. Cash on cash return (for our clients) this year will be over 15% and more likely, 20% - 40%. Cash flow will be over 10%, and more commonly at 15%. With some...


Sedona short term rental (STR) cash flow numbers

Have you been on the fence about investing in Sedona with short-term routes? The following are average cash flow numbers for my clients (Not for buyers outside of my sphere, as local returns outside of my sphere are 5% lower). My clients that purchased approximately one year ago and did not make property improvements earned a 12% cash flow and 18% cash on cash. With improvements, cash flow was 18% and...

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