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Important Update! 2022 Arizona bills that impact Sedona Short Term Rentals (STR’s)

Recently Arizona bills have passed in the house, that impact Sedona's short-term rentals. These bills are in the early stages. Meaning, they are not yet law and many of them likely will NOT become law. In order to become law, they have a long way to go, and eventually, they need to be signed and approved by the Arizona governor and then pass through a final period period where they can be...

Top 3 sedona seller mistakes

Top 3 Sedona Seller Mistakes

The top three seller mistakes we experience in Sedona: 1. Keeping your own furniture and all of your own things in the home. On average, sellers get 10% higher purchase price, with much better contract terms by removing their own things, professionally cleaning the home, and then having the home professionally staged, which is actually surprisingly affordable. Typically the cost for staging is...


Top 3 Sedona Buyer Mistakes

1) The first and most common Sedona buyer mistakes is waiting for the market to crash before you purchase. Just to give perspective on this, in 2021 Sedona we had approximately 30% appreciation. In the market crash around 2008, Sedona real estate reduced in value by approx 40%. So right now it takes just over a year to gain that value of the last crash. I've been told by various buyers over the last 10...

Sedona Real Estate

What Sedona Sellers Need to Know

Just because we're in a strong seller's market does not mean that you get your cake, eat it too, and then make out with the pastry chef. If you want the best results possible, then you need your property to be presented in the best way possible. There's a significant difference between effective marketing and sales with a sound listing strategy VS hiring your buddy or your neighbor, or whoever gives...

Sedona Real Estate

What Sedona Buyers Need To Know

The Sedona market is a very hot seller's market, and this is due to huge cash flow opportunities, high appreciation, and all the other things that make Sedona a magical place. The gorgeous red rocks, clean air, plentiful water supply, incredible hiking and biking, desirable climate, proximity to the grand canyon and to skiing in Flagstaff, a reasonable distance from Phoenix, and many other factors that...


Sedona Short Term Rentals 2022

What's going to happen with Sedona short-term rentals in 2022? Here is the forecast- And this is all based on what happened in 2021 & 2020, as well as expected market and economic changes this year, including raised interest rates. Cash on cash return (for our clients) this year will be over 15% and more likely, 20% - 40%. Cash flow will be over 10%, and more commonly at 15%. With some...


Sedona short term rental (STR) cash flow numbers

Have you been on the fence about investing in Sedona with short-term routes? The following are average cash flow numbers for my clients (Not for buyers outside of my sphere, as local returns outside of my sphere are 5% lower). My clients that purchased approximately one year ago and did not make property improvements earned a 12% cash flow and 18% cash on cash. With improvements, cash flow was 18% and...


New Sedona luxury real estate challenges

If you're selling luxury real estate, (The top 5-10% of properties in Sedona), the good news is selling is a piece of cake. Our marketing package is super aggressive. We only use the top specialists in the area, so we get the best sales outcomes, possible. We're commonly seeing AT or up to 20% over fair market value, with little to no transactional risk, as the terms are excellent for sellers. If you're...


CAN Sedona, Arizona limit short term rentals?

There are only two ways that laws can change, which would limit STR's in Sedona. 1) Arizona changes the law. 2) On the federal level, a law is passed that changes this. Federal supercedes state. State supercedes local (city/county). For now, only HOA's can determine the length of rental stays. Reach out me to get info on how to "lock in" your STR, once you have it up and running, to protect yourself...


New Sedona Short Term Rental requirement you have to know about

There's a new Sedona short-term rental requirement that you have to know about if you're serious about any short-term rentals, as it will heavily impact your potential cash flow. If you're already a client, then you likely already know that permitted short-term rental garage conversions are where it's at. It's one of the best ways to boost your cash flow and in some cases push cash flow to over...

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