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What IS happening in the Sedona real estate market 2021-2022?

What IS happening in the Sedona real estate market? 2021 has been a very exciting year. Although, it's been more exciting for sellers and more frustrating for buyers. We have had more limited inventory and higher buyer activity in 2021. Sedona only has approximately 5,000 properties and a there are a lot of financially qualified buyers that are hungry to step into the market. Some buyers give up and walk...


Sedona Luxury Real Estate 2021

In 2021 we saw some changes to the luxury real estate market. Some things we have NEVER seen before. First, forĀ  clarity's-sake, what is a Sedona luxury home? They're the homes that represent the top 5% - 10% of the market value. We have approximately 5,000 homes in Sedona, so that would be the top 500 homes. In 2021, luxury home prices started at $2.5M - $3M and quickly went up from there. These are...

Cathedral Rock

Why most of my Sedona investors get 20%-30% cash flow and massive appreciation

There are three main reasons why my clients are getting 20% to 30% cash flow. 1) We start with only the best handpicked on and off-market properties that will yield the best returns. Those are the only ones we look at. 2) We strive for the best price and best terms possible to improve upon your net cash flow. 3) Once you purchase the property, the post-close of escrow plan kicks in. Whatever cost...

Sedona Real Estate

What are the top three reasons why the Sedona market is seeing such strong appreciation?

Why have our home values skyrocketed? Sedona has the lowest real estate inventory that we've seen in over 10 years and we have the most aggressive buyer activity that we've EVER seen in Sedona. There are three reasons why the buyer activity is the highest it's ever been. 1. Sedona cash flow investment returns are strong and have been strong since 2017, when Arizona passed a...


What is the scoop with Sedona short term rentals in 2021

Sedona Short term rentals (STR) approximately appreciate more than 30% this year. That may seem inflated, but it's actual a conservative figure. We may end up seeing 35% by the end of the year, based on a price boost that's happening right now under our very noses. Sedona STR cash flow is averaging 12% for those that have purchased this year. The typical range is 8% to 18% cash flow. My clients are seeing...

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